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What to do about fraying tassel earrings?

We do so LOVE the tassel craze but sometimes that tassel earring or necklace just doesn't behave and starts to fray.  So what can you do about it?Well we have a couple of solutions for you!!!  They work for us and the tassels that we sell so here's the scoop.Option One:  Lightly wet and reshape the tassel it's as simple as that!  It should hold long enough to get you through th…

Modern Yet Timeless Zapotec Style

What we love most about the Zapotec design motifs is their timeless yet always modern and stylish aesthetic. This recent addition to our handwoven wool pillow covers from Oaxaca has us completely over the moon.  Each pillow cover is unique and One-of-A-Kind as the colorways and patterns vary slightly.This time honored tradition in the Zapotec communities is truly a gem to be honored and appre…