October is Fair Trade Month

October is Fair Trade Month!!!  It exists to emphasize the importance of Fair Trade and the effects that it has on our fellow humans outside of the western sphere of influence and markets.  The very first and foremost ethic of Fair Trade is to create sustainable and self sufficient opportunity for disadvantaged and marginalized producers, paying fair wages and on time payment.  Fair Trade ensures that no child labor is used and creates opportunity for children to be in school learning rather than working.

Fair trade artisan coops often offer health benefits and education, and always offer safe working conditions and above poverty wages for the region of production often allowing the workers to negotiate their rate of pay.

Fair Trade coops, businesses and non-profits exist to better whole communities by reinvesting monies from the sales of goods into community development programs such as schools, vocational education, and job training.

Fair Trade Artisan

When you buy Fair Trade artisan goods and foods YOU are making a WORLD of difference!