Modern Yet Timeless Zapotec Style

What we love most about the Zapotec design motifs is their timeless yet always modern and stylish aesthetic. This recent addition to our handwoven wool pillow covers from Oaxaca has us completely over the moon.  Each pillow cover is unique and One-of-A-Kind as the colorways and patterns vary slightly.

This time honored tradition in the Zapotec communities is truly a gem to be honored and appreciated.  The artistry, skill, care and labor is nothing but inspiring.  Pillow covers, rugs, wall hangings and more are all made by locally sourced wool, hand sheared, hand spun, hand dyed and hand woven make all of our goods from Oaxaca and neighboring Zapotec communities truly artisan and ecological. 

We carry some of the best and most beautiful Zapotec styles available made by fair trade artisans in and around Oaxaca.  The colors,styles and uses are endless and each is a timeless work of art.  When you purchase our fair trade wool home goods you investment in people, community and tradition.