For The Love of Good & Beauty

If you have been following my journey here at TRUE ETHIC from the beginning (started in 2015) you know that we had a name change and have experimented with multiple different vendors and products.  TRUE ETHIC was founded for the love of good and beauty.  The Good and Beauty found in hand-made, fair trade, artisan made and giving back.

TRUE ETHIC is run by one person who is not only a business owner but a wife, mom, artist, good friend, mentor and volunteer.  The last two years have caused me to re-evaluate how and what I am doing with my business and life.  My goal is to always be honest both with the world and myself.  The truth is that I did more than I really wanted to to make this business grow.  I did far more events than I ever imagined I would need to in order to actually sell the beautiful fair trade goods I had purchased in hopes of helping many people around the globe.  I have realized how invaluable TIME is!!  Our time here is short my friends and I am choosing to be less busy with business from here on out.  I am not going out of business, but I am only doing one event outside of my studio/shop this holiday season and am posting less on social media.  I am saying no to the things that drain me so I can say yes to the things that fill me, which are family, friends, love, beauty and making art.

I hope you continue to follow me on my heart filled journey for the love of good and beauty in the world.

Peace & Kindness,