Follow Your Bliss in 2018

We're following our bliss in 2018!!! 

We've decided that 2018 will lead to more creativity here at TRUE ETHIC and what that means for us and you is that there will be more products designed and created for and by us in 2018.

All new products will still be a combination of Fair Trade and American made artisan goods. They will still be ethically made and give back.

New items to look forward to in 2018 will include:

-  Beautiful one of a kind benches, ottomans, and chairs made from vintage Turkish Kilim rugs.  

-  Gorgeous neem wood bowls and cutting boards made by fair trade artisans in India.

-  Hand poured cement home goods made in the USA

-  Beeswax candles instead of soy candles

-  More organic cotton and velvet goods ethically made in India

- and so much more!!!               

See our Newest Arrivals on our Home Page HERE                                                   

Vintage Kilim Bench, Pink

Vintage Kilim Bench, Brown & Pink