Spring Bouquet Scented Soy Candle in Cement Votive

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Height 2.25
Width 1.75
Depth 2.25

This unique floral scented soy wax candle is entirely artisan made every step of the way in house here at TRUE ETHIC.

First the cement vessel is hand poured, dried and then hand painted.  Once the paint is dry the soy wax is melted, oil infused and then

hand poured into each unique cement votive vessel.

The color chosen for our Spring Bouquet scented cement candle is none other than a feminine soft pink.

Candle should burn 10 - 15 hours.

Eco friendly - non toxic

Made in USA from soy grown in the USA

*** Cement container does get hot ***  Keep away from children and pets

10% Donated to Freedom Firm in India

Working to Rescue, Restore and pursue Justice for victims of Sex Trafficking.


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