About Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a means of trade that works directly with artisan groups, farmers, and organizations through direct dialogue, partnership, and transparency seeking to create equity in international trade and lasting opportunity and empowerment.

Fair Trade prohibits child labor and works to help families earn livable wages so their children can go to school and flourish.

Fair Trade empowers women with opportunities to work in healthy, fair wage environments that create lasting opportunity and job stability.

Fair Trade safety regulations ensure no forced labor, no child labor, eliminates discrimination based on sex, religion, or economic status.

Fair Trade recognizes and honors cultural identity and tradition working to enrich lives through the creation and celebration of our world heritages and identities.

Fair Trade is a real and lasting partnership that works to alleviate poverty for good through transparent trade negotiation that is respectful, fair, and empowering for the artisans, farmers, mills, and everyone involved in the process of making fair trade goods.

Fair Trade is not charity.  It is real trade that does not seek to overpower, coerce or manipulate.

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