White Curved Bar, Cement Necklace, Handmade in USA, One-of-A-Kind

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This unique handcrafted curved bar statement necklace made from hand poured cement and then hand painted in house here at TRUE ETHIC is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece.

Each cement curved bar necklace is entirely unique due to the handmade nature.  The cement is poured into a circle mold and then broken, so where it happens to break determines the shape and edge.

This necklace hangs low to mid stomach, approximately 16.75 inches down from neck.

Nickel & Lead Free chain

*** These are breakable necklaces are NOT returnable or refundable if you break them ***

10% Donated to Freedom Firm in India who works to Rescue, Restore and pursue Justice for victims on sex trafficking.


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